Friday, January 13, 2012

San Francisco

After twenty four long hours of travel, I finally arrived at San Francisco as the sun was setting. I've never explored a city at night and I highly recommend it! You avoid all the long lines and crowds of happy snappers and get to truly enjoy the beautiful city in all its light drenched peace and glory.

San Francisco took my breath away. I am so in love with the crazy steep slopes, the views of the ocean and twinkling cityscape at every corner.

1) What's a trip to SF without seeing the famed Golden Gate Bridge?

2) Cable cars through the beautifully lit city center

3) Palace of Fine Arts, part of the 1915 Panama Pacific World Expo

4) If you're looking for possibly the best chocolate fudge to top off a sundae, Ghiradelli has got to be it.

5) Flying books

6) Coit Tower

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