Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break - Part II (Las Vegas, Grand Canyon)

Oh Vegas...
How would I describe it?
Drunk, crazy and over the top - all boxed and wrapped up in a thick layer of money topped with a big fat bow. Girls in skimpy skin tight dresses (it was like an unspoken uniform! Everywhere! I'm pretty sure Vegas can easily proclaim the title of highest density of scantily clad girls. Honestly, I  think I've seen every color, shape, size of skin tight dresses to last me a lifetime) hanging onto the arms of balding, (presumably) wealthy men.

I must admit that this is all a little much for me. And since I'm not a big fan of gambling, Vegas was more of a pit stop to Grand Canyon. (I'm crazy, I know. Crazy boring? Crazy lame? Check... and check) 
Dinner at Estiatorio Milos, LV. Possibly the most delicious (and most expensive!) fish I've ever had in my life.
[Dear Mr. Fish, I offer my sincerest apologies for failing to capture the utter sensory ecstasy that you so sacrificed your life for.]
The drive to Grand Canyon.
Wide open spaces, sun roofs, long stretches of giggles, Asian eyes, bumpy roads, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, puffs of sand clouds, holding my pee until my bladder was about to burst.
But we made it and man... was it worth it! (Maybe mostly because I finally got to pee)
Grand Canyon was... breathtaking. It was unreal, so unreal that at times I felt like I was just looking at a backdrop on some Hollywood set.

Stepping out onto the edge, I got a huge case of vertigo (to this day I still have no idea how I ever skydived without shitting my pants) - my palms started sweating and I literally had to crawl on all fours over to the edge (you'd never be able to tell from these photos hahaha)

Definitely one of those places you have got to visit before you die. Although, I really wish I had hiked the damn thing. Or repelled off it (how badass would that have been?!).

Ahh well... As my parents would say - well, there you go, now you have reason to go back.

So, I guess, until then GC!

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