Thursday, April 5, 2012

Up on the Tree Tops

Came across this little restaurant in Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand while reading mymodernmet and I am in love. Apparently you enter this little nest and get hoisted 16 feet up to the tree tops. 

How romantic is this restaurant? Just imagine sitting in this little nest as the sun sets behind you until all that's left is a faint flicker of a candle and a star speckled sky. (Forever the hopeless romantic sigh!) But honestly though, if you're into Tarzan or still a kid at heart nostalgic of that tree house (actually aren't these two synonymous?), this is perfect. Let's just hope the food lives up to the concept.
(Check out the "flying servers" all the way on the right! So Tarzan-esque, swinging from branch to branch!]

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