Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traveling Thursdays -- Chefchaouen

A month ago I visited Morocco, a country that was a mishmash of Arabic and Spanish influences. We hit many places during our visit to that beautiful North African country, but Chefchaouen (located in the Northern part of Morocco) was hands down my favorite. It was a small village completely dipped in sky blue. I'll let the photos speak for itself.

Chefchaouen itself is tiny and we definitely were able to walk through the entire town in one short afternoon. We gave ourselves two nights and spent the second day cooling down at a nearby waterfall at Akchour (not that impressive if you ask me and definitely not worth the trip if you're short on time). 

We probably could have spent just one night at Chefchaouen, but the riad we lived at (Casa Perleta) was quaint, quiet and home-y (seriously it was all kinds of amazing, I highly recommend it!), it was nice to hit pause on our jam packed whirlwind of a trip. 

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