Sunday, July 27, 2014

What to do this weekend (Spa edition)

Are you bored of going to the same bars and doing the same thing every weekend but don't want to spend time researching what else this city has to offer? Well, I'm here to do your homework for you!

Today's post is for those of you who's had a long, stressful week at work and are looking to decompress.  And what better way to relax than a long, hot soak in a tub, right? Well, since we're all overachievers here, how bout six tubs and a steam room?

Cue Aire Ancient Baths.

With baths of varying temperatures and salinity, a eucalyptus scented steam room and a warm marble slab to take a nap on, it's hard not to feel relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards.  But what really made the experience for me was their service. They were extremely well organized and worked hard to make sure you had the most stress free experience possible. There was no wait time, the pools were not jam packed and the staff very attentive (after my shower, the lady asked to dry my swimsuit and proceeded to fold and pack it in a zip lock bag for me).  Plus, the space itself is beautiful and the bathrooms spotless

Now I understand why those Greeks and Romans were so into bathing. 

(Photos courtesy of CNTraveller, Yelp ) 

For other ideas on what to do over the weekend, check out my previous post here on Storm King.  

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