Thursday, August 14, 2014

Quick Meals: Quinoa, lobster, cherry tomatoes and avocado

Thirty minute meal

I had a very sad realization the other day that summer is ending soon (what?!). So I thought I'd share a recipe today that makes use of the ultimate summer ingredient - lobster, to help you hold on to those warm summer nights just a little longer. 

I'll admit that this actually took me a little more than 30 minutes to whip up but only because I chose to buy an entire lobster from Chinatown.  For a quick meal you can make during the week, I recommend you get lobster tails and save yourself from figuring out how to kill a lobster (my mom taught me to stick a chopstick from the tail all the way to its head to verbatim "let out the pee" (please don't ask, I don't know)) or how to crack open its claws without the appropriate utensils.

1. Boil the quinoa.
2. In a separate pot, boil the lobster tails. Be careful not to overcook them, once the shell turns red (~8 to 12 min depending on the size) you should fish them out of the pot.
3. Sauté cherry tomatoes until soft but not blistered.
4. Once the quinoa and lobster tails are cooked, chop up the lobster into bite size pieces and mix with the tomatoes. 
5. Top with half an avocado* and enjoy!

*Avocados have become the new poached eggs for me. Slice an avocado over pretty much any dish and voila, your dish magically becomes a cohesive, thought out meal instead of a hodge-podge of random ingredients you pulled from your pantry. 

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