Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What to Wear to Work (Men's Edition): It's not hip to be square

So far, my blog has been focused on helping girls figure out what to wear to work, but it doesn't mean boys don't have their own wardrobe troubles as well. So I’ve enlisted my very fashionable friend Paul to help out with a “What to Wear to Work” series from a guy’s perspective.

First up, Paul’s take on shoes for work (or rather, shoes you should not be wearing to work).

square toed shoes

I have an unheatlhy obsession with square-toed shoes. Specifically why they still endure like a mosquito that won't quit on a hot summer's day and why people think they should buy these things.

A cursory Google search shows me that I am not the only one.

So why are they still a staple?

I think Men's Journal sums it up :
The thing is, most square-toed types are embracing convenience, not chasing a "look".

More scathingly via Thought Catalog:
You’re a mid-level corporate analyst with a half mile walk between your subway stop and office building, and find the running shoe sole-dress shoe exterior hybrid thing, however sad, rather comfortable. Basically, it’s a slipper that looks appropriate enough for the corporate world, in which you are tediously perishing in obscurity. Come lunch you’re on a bench in the quad overshadowed by tall buildings eating a Subway sandwich under the patient wait of small black birds. The infinite grid of an excel file expands as you maximize the window, the lattice work of organized hell. Your pedestrian gait down the streets after work is slower than the leather soled more aggressive types clicking away at the cold stoney earth.

More than a visual aberration, the square toed-shoe, like clip-on ties, is a demonstration of the prioritization of convenience over taste and sense. It's a cry for help and you've come to the right place.

You are better than the the square shoe.
Once again: Make the right choice


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