Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What to do this weekend: Brunch at Liberty House, NJ

Weekend brunch is pretty much sacramental in New York and after over 300 brunches in my time in this city, I have finally found the one. My favourite brunch spot.

It's in New Jersey.

Calm down, I know what you're thinking - your favourite brunch spot is in New Jersey?!
I think I may have just lost a reader or two there.

But hear me out (or just scroll through and let the pictures do the convincing) -
What's better than brunch? Brunch al fresco of course. What's better than brunch al fresco? Taking down those eggs while overlooking the Manhattan skyline. What's better than that? Brunch served with a side of live jazz.

So there you go - your plan this weekend? Brunch at Liberty House.

Oh and did I mention they have life sized chess pieces that you can play with (and obnoxiously pretend to blend in with)?

Ideal for: When you're bored of the same old brunch spots and same old brunch crowd
When to go: A warm, sunny weekend!
How to get there:  Take the ferry from Battery Park City Ferry Terminal to Liberty State Park
What to do: EAT! Then go for a nice long stroll at Liberty State Park 


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