Sunday, November 16, 2014

What to wear to work: Chasing them Monday blues

Getting out of bed on a bitingly cold (groan) Monday morning (double groan) is hard enough, let alone trying to figure out how to look presentable at work.  So I'm here to help you fight half that battle.

It's mornings like these that make it so easy to reach for your boring white button up and matching pencil skirt/suit jacket combo - fight that urge!

All you have to do is swap out the black pencil skirt for one with a fun print and bring out them blues by pairing it with a button up shirt with blue details. Sneak in a slither more blue onto your blazer, and who says you can't look beautifully blue when everyone else is fighting them Monday blues?
(+1 if I've sufficiently annoyed you with how many times I've used the word "blue" ;D)

 As for the other half of the battle? I hear those red holiday cups are Monday's kryptonite.

Shirt: Club Monaco (old)
Jacket: Zara (old)
Tights: H&M
Flats: Stuart Weitzman 
Knuckle rings: Catbird (Classic Hammered and Twisted Stacker)

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