Friday, December 26, 2014

What to wear to work: Culottes in blush tones

First off, Merry Christmas! And a quick thank you for following along these last six months :) I apologize for the brief hiatus but I am back with a new post on how to wear culottes to work! (I thought I owed you one given it's Christmas and all.)

Culottes are basically wide legged pants that end below your knees or midi skirts stitched together down the middle into pants. In layman's terms - pajamas for work. Add a collared shirt, some pointy toed heels and a silk scarf (if you want a pop of color), and no one will know you were thiiiiiis close to calling in sick this morning because it seemed almost Herculean to peel yourself off of your toasty bed. 

Shirt: Unknown
Culottes: Club Monaco
Scarf: Flea market finds


  1. Your outfit looks cool. I am so stuck at buying international business assignment that I have no money left to buy such clothes.


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