Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Travel: Austin, USA

New York City is in the middle of a historic snowpocalypse and this whole snow-slapping-against-my-face and bracing myself for the 40 mph gusts of wind on my commute to work is making me dream of much milder temperatures. So if you’re like me and looking to escape the frigidity but aren't looking for a beach getaway (uh not even close to being bikini ready, pls), I strongly recommend Austin, TX.

A year ago today, I flew down to Houston to visit my boyfriend and bored of golfing and sitting by the pool, decided to make a day trip out to Austin. Austin is a quick 2.5 hour drive away and the two cities could not be more different. While Houston is the straight edged guy with the perfect resume, Austin is that lively, carefree and charming guy you can’t help but be drawn to. Oh and did I mention, he cooks a mean meal?! *Swooooooon*

Avoid summer's sweltering heat. Personally, I think it makes for a great escape in the winter. I went in January and it was a breezy 50F - perfect escape from snowpocalypse.


I realized that aside from their amazing food scene and music at night, there wasn't much to do during the day in Austin. If you’re looking to fill your time between meals, below is a list of places I went to -

1. Capitol (Austin is Texas' state capital) 
Not all that exciting, tbh. Spent ~30 minutes there.

2. University of Texas - Austin
I’m obviously biased but campuses on the Northeast are much more interesting and have much more character. 

3. Nightlife on 6th street
My favorite part of Austin!! Everything from college-y/trashy drunk off your face to low key live music. 


1. Franklin's BBQ
We were going to check out the much hyped Franklin's BBQ, but arrived at noon with a line down the block and no guarantee there would be any food left. So we ventured to Torchy Taco's and oh my god (!!!!) best. decision. ever. I'm literally salivating just thinking about them.

2. Torchy Taco's
OBSESSED!!! My personal favorites are Mr. Orange and Brushfire.

3. Swift's Attic
I thought Torchy Taco's would be hard to beat but daaaaamn Swift's Attic, you completely and utterly blew me away. The food was modern, innovative and very well executed. What really hit it for me was the unique combinations (edamame + pop rocks) and how well the flavors played off of each other (chocolate + cheese). And to top it off, they had great service (Southern manners after all) and a beautiful rustic decor.  I would go back in a heartbeat.


Ideal for: When you want a food adventure or if you want quality music without any of the electronic boomboomboom and pretentious hipster music you often find in NY
How to get there:  Short 2.5 hour drive away from Houston. Or via plane.
What to do: EAT!!!!! And nightlife on 6th street, which depends on what you're looking for, has everything from trashy drunk to low key live music. 
Where to eat: Torchy Taco's (I'm obsessed with Mr. Orange and Brushfire) and dinner at Swift's Attic.
If I were to do over: I'd spend the night so you get to fully experience and enjoy 6th street!

For other trips you can fit into a (long) weekend, check out my last post on Chicago here!

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