Thursday, January 1, 2015

What to do this weekend: Dyker Heights Christmas Lights, Brooklyn

Happy New Year!

If you still haven't gotten tired of anything and everything Christmas and you're looking for something different to do this weekend, go check out Dyker Heights in Brooklyn! It's a quaint suburban town drenched head to toe (or I guess floor to ceiling and foyer to chimney) in Christmas lights.  Every year, this predominantly Italian-American community competes for the most festive home (although in some cases, you'd think they were fighting for the gaudiest Christmas graveyard).  All New York City snarky-ness aside, some houses really are phenomenal, complete with carousels, elves workshops, life size snow globes and even dancing ballerinas! It really does give the decorations on NYC's Fifth Ave a run for its money.

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

When to go:
Around the holidays! If you haven't gone, I'd recommend you go soon before they start taking them down. 

To get there:
Honestly, it's probably easiest to get there if you had a car. Alternatively, you can take the subway - R train to 86 St Brooklyn or D train to 18 Ave Brooklyn. Apparently there are buses that get you there too, but according to Google Maps would take a good hour to get there from downtown. We took an Uber from Tribeca and it cost around ~$35.  

Address to punch into Google Maps:
12th Ave & 84th St

Best for: 
Those who live in the outer boroughs/upstate/NJ who have a car.  Or the Christmas fanatic (MEMEME!)

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