Monday, February 9, 2015

A start up guide to Valentine's Day

With startups out there for pretty much any and everything that you could possibly think of, I thought I would take advantage of all this proclaimed convenience and share with you how to outsource this whole Valentine’s ordeal to the startup world.  

 “Siri, plan my date...”

I frequently use Sosh or Pulsd to plan out what to do over the weekend. It has a good list of everything that’s happening – from the generic new restaurant opening to the more offbeat gin classes (or make your own mosaic or an oil slick art exhibit). 
For the more hermit-y among you or those in a long term relationship, there’s Unbox love, which sends you a date in a box every month.

What about dinner?

You could check out I Know the Chef which, for a fee, claims to be able to book prime time reservations at the hottest restaurants for you. Otherwise, why not roll up your sleeves (I personally think cooking is the best way to bond) and try your hand with Plated or Blue Apron?  It's a great way to get introduced to new recipes! 

(PS - I’m working on a full blown review on Plated vs Blue Apron so check back soon for that!)

And booze?

Choose your choice of poison at Minibar (they even have mixers and garnishes!and have it delivered to your door free of charge in an hour. They also have an awesome event planner page that helps you estimate the amount of liquor you'd need depending on the size of your party.
(For first time users, get $5 off with code: FIVEOFF)

Now on to some flowers…

I love Urban Stems for beautiful blooms that are affordable and delivers in an hour (you're welcome, Mr Procrastinator). All the other online flower delivery stores I've found easily charge double the price and have way too many options. 
(Take that, Bloom That! We’ve finally got our own on the East Coast now!)

And what’s Valentine’s day without jewelry?

My all-time favorite is Catbird. Granted, this isn’t really a startup in the traditional sense, nor is it that small of a business anymore (they recently created a line for J Crew), but their dainty jewelry is truly sublime and I love it too much to not share with you.

And to capture all the memories from the day?

I personally love Mosaic and Artifact Uprising. Mosaic has a beautiful hard cover binding, while Artifact Uprising has a lovely VSCO/hipster (with only the positive connotations to the word) feel to it. Both are so simple and straight forward to use and took me under 10 minutes to make. They also make for the most impressive, beautiful, and thoughtful gift while being insanely budget friendly ($25, hello!) and time efficient. Can you say, god send?

"Ugh Siri, but I hate everything cliché."

How about a spa day to forget all this crazy red/pink madness at Aire Ancient Baths? I raved about it at lengths previously in a blog post here. If it’s too cold to trek outdoors, how about Zeel or Soothe, for an at home massage? (Just typing out those names made me breathe a little slower.)

Or if you need a fake boyfriend/girlfriend...

You know, to fend off your worried mother's concerns that you might be a cat lady forever/she might never get grandchildren. Here's a hilarious start up to help you out.

And a special one for anyone in HR...

Can we please bring Manicube into our offices?! 
I mean, why do guys get to have their shoes shined in the comforts of their office/desk while we girls have to go get a manicure in our own time? One step closer towards leveling that playing field. 

Candle: Anthropologie
Necklace: Lane Crawford

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