Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I wanted to share with you a wonderful article I recently read by Matilda Kahl explaining why she decided to wear the same thing to work every day.  The way she poignantly describes the pains of finding something appropriate yet feminine, powerful yet approachable to wear to work as a woman really resonated with me, and as a reader of my blog, I thought you might find it equally relatable. While I am not one to completely suppress my sartorial choices, I do respect and am inspired by her decision to strip her work closet down to the most basic men's work uniform.  Which is why today, I'm sharing my take on the most quintessential men's power outfit - the pinstripe suit.

Hope you're having a beautiful start to your week!

Top: Lino (very similar here and love one here)
Bottom: Lino (love these!)
Necklace: Chanel (similar here)

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic look. Pinstripes are tricky and you've made them look totally contemporary - while still maintaining their classic allure.

    I love the idea of uniforms. I'm with you - it's not literally what I'll do, but such a great concept to keep in mind. : )




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