Monday, December 7, 2015

What to wear to your office holiday party (II)

So... I don't want to stress you out or anything but we are officially into the second week of December, which means there is only a little more than two weeks to get all your holiday shopping done. Factor in the shipping time and that's really only 2 weeks (if even!). So unless you're some kind of super human, super organized freak, I give you full permission to cue freak out now. (EEEEEK!) 

And while I'm not here to share with you a holiday gift guide (I'm sure you've been bombarded on every commercial front), I thought I'd at least help by taking some of your holiday sartorial stress off the table. I've written a few posts about this in the past (see herehere and here) but I thought I'd add a twist on the classic pant suit to the collection. For this look, I switched out my black slacks for a pair of patterned pants and layered a sequined top (instead of my usual silk shirt) under my blazer. Add a coat of holiday red to your fingertips and a pair of dangly gold dragonfly earrings and voila, ready to rock around the Christmas tree.  

PS - From personal experience, this outfit is best paired with a side of gingerbread cookies and a glass of creamy eggnog (or mulled wine for you classy ladies).  

Sending you lots and lots of holiday cheer!

Blazer: Aritzia
Top: Zara (obsessed with this!)
Bottom: Zara
Heels: Cole Haan


  1. Hello dear, you looked adorable in this dress and I am glad that you shared it here as it helped me a lot. Anyway, I am looking for some good ideas for corporate party ideas for planning this year. Do you know any source where I can get help?


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