Sunday, January 31, 2016

What to wear to work: Jumpsuits?!

Being on the petite side of the spectrum, I had always been hesitant to get on the jumpsuit band wagon as I usually end up looking more frumpy and stumpy (which sounds more like the title of Jim Carrey's next comedy) than sleek and chic. That was until I stumbled upon this caped beauty. I quickly fell in love - the jumpsuit nips at the waist, creating the illusion of longer legs, while the all black gives it sophistication and formality. And the cape! I mean... how can you possibly pass up the chance to see what it's like to be superman?! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tone on Tone


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy start to the new year! I'm sorry I've fallen off the face of the planet - it's been a busy holiday season and a crazy time at work with this nutso stock market. I promise I haven't forgotten about you guys though and have been working hard behind the scenes on a whole bunch of new content (including a new travel series!) which I'll be sharing in the coming weeks to make up for my disappearance. 

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