Monday, May 30, 2016

How to wear to work: crop tops and culottes

Crop top/culottes, you've seen it everywhere - fashion magazines, blogs, even the chic receptionist at work has been rocking them lately, but you just can't seem to pull the trigger. Sure, it looks beautiful on a tall and lean frame, but let's be real here, is this just a mean ploy to make me look like a potato sack in public?  

Well, I am happy to report back that even at a petite, pear-shaped 5'3", the bagginess of the culottes didn't drown out my frame. On the contrary, the high waisted nature of these culottes along with the "awkward" ankle-grazing length actually makes you look taller.  And when paired with a crop top, it actually adds height. 

Oh and if you're thinking of whipping this out for the office? Just make sure you find a crop top that provides full coverage like the one I have here. Save the skimpy, cut-out version for your next girl's night. And if your office leans towards the conservative side, I'd even throw on a cream blazer. So there you have it, fashion trends incorporated into your professional workspace. Cha-and-ching. See you next time!

Top: A.L.C. (on sale!)
Pants: Saturday Club (love this affordable suede version)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What to wear to work: Shirt Dress


Dress: Aritzia (old, but linked to a bunch of similar options below!)
Bag: Cole Haan

Sunday, May 8, 2016

What to do this weekend: Floral Jamming

Mother's Day is pretty much synonymous with flowers and while my mother loves flowers just as much as the next, I thought I'd do something a little different this year. Instead of going to the florist and letting them do all the heavy lifting, this year, I treated my mother to flower jamming (which is really a fancy way of saying flower arranging) and had a blast! It not only gave us quality time mother-daughter time, we also left with a new skill and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for HKD 480 that would have easily cost double the price if I had bought it from one of those fancy florists. Plus we all know that any present is better when you're the one who made it. Just look at all the macaroni art she's still kept from when you were 5. 

There are a couple places where you can go flower jamming in Hong Kong, but the one we went to was Blush.  We had a wonderful time there - it was a very private session and the instructor was very insightful and friendly, stepping in when you needed assistance while giving you enough space to do your magic.   However, I've also heard great things about Tallensia Floral Art if you're looking for an alternative. Otherwise, you could always DIY at home by following this youtube video or this skillshare class, which even incorporates fruits and vegetables (a bouquet with swiss chard?! I'm definitely intrigued! Do report back if you end up making a vegetable bouquet!). 

And last but not least, for all the mothers out there, a very happy Mother's Day! 

PS - This also makes for a great activity if you're planning a bridal shower! Champagne, flower crowns and quality girl time? I can't think of anything more (#insta)perfect. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Menswear Inspired

wear to work, business style, corporate fashion

I was at drinks with a friend the other day where we bonded over how painful it was to get dressed every morning for work. And how without fail, you find yourself standing in front of your closet wondering just what in the world do I wear today.  Do I wear a dress? A skirt? Ok, a skirt - are we feeling more like a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt? Do I pair it with a blouse or a button up? Are we accessorizing with a scarf or necklace? Oh or maybe some dangling earrings! Wait but damn it, but where did the other one go? I guess we'll have to go for a necklace then... 

So many frantic questions and I haven't even had my cup of coffee yet.  

This inevitably led to an envious comparison against the much simpler way our boyfriends get dressed. They grab a button up shirt, which only comes in colors that will match with any one of his grey toned slacks, laces up the same pair of cap toe oxfords and is out the door in under five minutes.   

And so here I am today - frustrated and determined to reinterpret the corporate male's uniform so you too can catch a couple more minutes of shut eye. 

I took the tenets of their working closet - a suit, shirt and tie, and deconstructed it so you too can look put together without stressing over it. I started off with a pair of slacks - dark but in a jacqard print to keep things fun.   Which I then paired with a cream silk blouse instead of the typical crisp white button up for a more feminine touch. Then comes the all so important tie. Instead of the windsor knotted masculine classic, I looped a satin neck tie into a bow for a more ladylike look (plus I managed to turn my white blouse into the trending pussy bow shirt - double score for not having to buy another trendy piece from Zara!). And for the final touch, I topped it off with a structured vest to keep the outfit sleek and sharp. 

Top: Club Monaco
Necktie: Patricia Kwan
Pants: Zara
Vest: Theory

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