Monday, May 30, 2016

How to wear to work: crop tops and culottes

Crop top/culottes, you've seen it everywhere - fashion magazines, blogs, even the chic receptionist at work has been rocking them lately, but you just can't seem to pull the trigger. Sure, it looks beautiful on a tall and lean frame, but let's be real here, is this just a mean ploy to make me look like a potato sack in public?  

Well, I am happy to report back that even at a petite, pear-shaped 5'3", the bagginess of the culottes didn't drown out my frame. On the contrary, the high waisted nature of these culottes along with the "awkward" ankle-grazing length actually makes you look taller.  And when paired with a crop top, it actually adds height. 

Oh and if you're thinking of whipping this out for the office? Just make sure you find a crop top that provides full coverage like the one I have here. Save the skimpy, cut-out version for your next girl's night. And if your office leans towards the conservative side, I'd even throw on a cream blazer. So there you have it, fashion trends incorporated into your professional workspace. Cha-and-ching. See you next time!

Top: A.L.C. (on sale!)
Pants: Saturday Club (love this affordable suede version)

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