Sunday, June 26, 2016

What to wear to on a junk boat trip

It is straight up a million degrees here in Hong Kong and combined with the 99% humidity means that being outside for any more than 5 minutes is utmost torturous. On weekends like this, the only logical thing is to sit take a cat nap poolside with a coconut in hand, in the lightest, airiest cotton romper and the biggest sunhat. I added a pale pink kimono here for extra protection against the sun without being cloyingly hot. It also makes for a perfect piece to throw on over your bikini on your next junk boat trip (aka Hong Kong's most popular way to spend the day out on a boat). 

Hope you are all enjoying the summer! 

Romper: Club Monaco (old but love this)
Kimono top: American Vintage (old but similar options below)
Shoes: Reebok (most comfortable shoes I've ever owned)
Backpack: vintage (but similar here)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Of Mercer

Calling all fresh graduates/summer interns! 

If you haven't yet, you need to get on the Of Mercer train. Specifically, their Starter Kits, which will take your closet from gringe-y/athleisure chic, to professional girl boss. AKA something I wish I had when I first started my career.  No more trying to figure out what to wear to your interview or first day on the job, all you have to do is pick from (1) basic, (2) business casual, and (3) business formal and voila, two days later you've got your first professional black dress (please, PLEASE note the difference between this and the LBD that you wear out clubbing), blazer/cardigan and a card holder.

And if you're just looking to add to your arsenal of work pieces, their clothing is stylish (hello jacquard pockets) while at the same time tailored and comfortable (two words you don't usually find together).  Aside from their impeccable clothing, they also have one of the most beautifully designed brick and mortar I've ever been to. It's the kind of space I'm modelling my future home/walk-in-closet/office/life after. So it's a good thing that everything in store, including the desks, name plaques and adorable stationary are for sale.   So if you haven't yet and you're based in NYC, definitely go check it out (even if just for future home decor inspiration!).

Have a lovely start to the week and thanks as always for following along!  

PS - For those of you wondering, I've been traveling around Scandinavia and Russia this past week, and if you're curious, remember to follow me on Instagram for more of my shenanigans! 

Blazer: Of Mercer (only a few sizes left, so get on it!)
Top: Prada
Pants: Club Monaco

Sunday, June 5, 2016

How to wear to work: Off the Shoulder Tops

minimalist outfit for work

Since I last did a post on tackling crop tops and culottes for the workplace, I thought I'd tackle the other big trend this season -  off the shoulder tops. While off the shoulder tops are easy to pull off on the weekend, I'm always looking for fresh ways to bring the latest fashion trends into the office. And after some experimenting, I think I've figured it out.

As a rule of thumb, I tend to stick with a neutral, monochromatic palate when opting for non traditional cuts, and play with colors when I'm going for a more stereotypical conservative work outfit (like this button up/pencil skirt).  So for this off the shoulder ruffled top, I stuck with a white/cream combination for a more streamlined look and played with two versions depending on your office environment. For a more creative office, draping a light summer scarf over your top might be all you need, and for the more conservative environment, simply slip the straps up onto your shoulder for a cool, asymmetrical look. 

how to wear off the shoulder to work

wear to work, business casual

business casual, wear to work, dress for work, corporate fashion blog

Top: Zara (I've linked to a few similar options in the widget below but am soooo in love with this one)
Pants: Zara
Flats: Stuart Weitzman (aka the comfiest pair of ballet flats I've owned)
Bag: Goyard 

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