Sunday, June 26, 2016

What to wear to on a junk boat trip

It is straight up a million degrees here in Hong Kong and combined with the 99% humidity means that being outside for any more than 5 minutes is utmost torturous. On weekends like this, the only logical thing is to sit take a cat nap poolside with a coconut in hand, in the lightest, airiest cotton romper and the biggest sunhat. I added a pale pink kimono here for extra protection against the sun without being cloyingly hot. It also makes for a perfect piece to throw on over your bikini on your next junk boat trip (aka Hong Kong's most popular way to spend the day out on a boat). 

Hope you are all enjoying the summer! 

Romper: Club Monaco (old but love this)
Kimono top: American Vintage (old but similar options below)
Shoes: Reebok (most comfortable shoes I've ever owned)
Backpack: vintage (but similar here)


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