Monday, May 18, 2020

My love affair with fashion

My friend asked me the other day why do I love fashion? And I didn't have a good answer for her.

While I put an effort into how I dress, I'm far from fashionable. I don't pore over fashion magazines and dress according to trends. I shop once a year and scrolling through e-commerce websites where they offer more than 100 items on sale stresses me out.

But I started a fashion blog - so clearly it's something that I love.

So what is it about fashion? I think what I appreciate is maybe the aesthetics. The beauty in the clothes and the beauty in how people put outfits together. Clothes as wearable art, as a form of daily self expression.

Or maybe it's kinda like asking someone why they like ice cream - it's just something visceral and innate and a little difficult to articulate.


When I was younger, fashion to me was getting inspiration from bloggers on how to put outfits together. It was experimenting and seeing what fits my body type and creating my own aesthetic. As I've gotten older (this word hangs so much heavier now that I'm on the cusp of turning 30 - but that's for another post another time), fashion to me has shifted away from pure aesthetics to learning about fashion as brands and businesses.

In particular, one of the topic that I've been fascinated with lately is sustainability.

I know, I hear you - this word is so overused it's borderline meaningless at this point. Peppered in the mission statement of literally every company who's trying to tap into the millennial market. The cynic in me also thinks this is marketing jargon but I want to spend the next few posts unpacking this to see if there might be something more there.

So stay tuned!


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